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"Over the previous three to four years, Brad had experienced problems in his left leg, including aching, swelling, itching, hair loss, and skin discolorations and sores. He came to McQuaid Vein Specialists for an evaluation and had his insufficient veins treated with their minimally invasive procedures. “I can say the procedure was nearly painless. I walked out of the office and went Christmas shopping the next day. Most dramatically, my lower leg stopped swelling even after a full day on my feet. Now about twelve weeks later, the skin discolorations and vein protrusions have almost vanished and the hair has grown back where before there was none. I can hardly tell that I ever had a vein problem.” " -- Brad G.

"Nineteen years ago, Connie had veins in her left leg surgically stripped. “I was in the hospital for a week, wrapped and bandaged, then off my feet for another three weeks.” Years later, Connie had the problematic veins in her right leg treated by McQuaid Vein Specialists with a minimally invasive thermal ablation procedure. “I experienced no pain afterwards. I found that incredible in comparison with my previous experience. I had no scarring. It’s incredible, absolutely incredible. I’m looking forward to wearing a skirt this summer.”" -- Connie K.

"These legs could not have made it up Mt. Kilimanjaro without you, Dr. McQuaid!" -- Karen B.

"(Pre-procedure) “I dread it, I hate it, I cannot put shorts on. By the end of the day, I’m feeling like I can’t go anymore. It feels like I’ve walked 10 miles. My legs are just heavy.” (Post-procedure) “It was just so fast. I cannot believe it! It was great. I am just so…I wish I had been in here a year ago!”" -- Julie

"FACT: 98% of patients who have had the Closure procedure are willing to recommend it to a friend or family member." -- 98%

"“Dr. McQuaid and staff are the most caring, efficient, on time physicians office that I have ever been to. I was very impressed with the surgery. Dr. McQuaid explained and did a wonderful job. I know how hard it is to have such a great office and staff, because I have practiced orthodontics for 44 years. The effort shows. It is truly a very professional and ethical practice.”" -- Dr. Patrick R. Brady, DDS

Patient Testimonials

"These legs could not have made it up Mt. Kilimanjaro without you, Dr. McQuaid!" -- Karen B.